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Roosevelt's New Deal differed from Hoover's administration in that the New Deal was willing to use government power to adjust the contending claims of major interests groups. Asses the validity of this generalization

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    I'll be glad to comment on your answer.

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    I said that Hoover and Roosevelt both used government regulation (therefore the statement is false) but Roosevelt did to a greater extent and was successful.

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    do it yourself..getting answer from someone else is not going to help your the history book and stop be LAZY!!!!

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    To what extent did the measures of the New Deal reflect a coherent economic philosophy?

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    My confusion with this question is the phrase "contending claims of major interest groups." Could someone explain exactly which interest groups and contending claims there were? As far as I know, by the time FDR came into office, there was no contention and only the claim of "Help us please!"

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    kulu first of all stop being an ass and worry about you if you don't need the help don't comment!!!!!!!!

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    he wrote that in 2013 relax lol

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    @Kulu: maybe you should read an English book.

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