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Your goal for this project is to write an unsigned 16-bit software implementation of both the multiplier and the divider architectures found in the book.

You are required to read two unsigned integers from the console. The valid range for both values is 0 to 65535. Your program will multiply and divide them and provide the product, quotient, and remainder. Your program must include a trap (i.e. a notification and graceful exit) for divide-by-zero.

Here’s an example run:
Enter an integer: 10
Enter an integer: 4
Product is 40
Quotient is 2
Remainder is 2

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    For you benefit, I suggest you start with a pseudocode or a draft coding even if it does not compile.
    From the starting point, we can better help you without doing it for you.

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    I got the code and it works..............its just that I don't know how to do it wihtout using the "mult" and "div" operands.

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