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Given PV=nRT and the following equation:


Calculate the maximum number of ML of CO2 at 750 torr and 295.15 degrees K that can be formed from above conbution of methane ( CH4 ) if 450 mL of methane at 705 torr and 283.15 degrees K are mixed with 725 mL of O2 at 680 torr at 353.15 degrees K

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    Use PV = nRT and convert CH4 to moles.
    Do the same for O2.
    This is a limiting reagent problem; determine the limiting reagent.
    Use the limiting reagent as a single stoichiometry problem to calculate the number of mols CO2 produced, then use PV = nRT to convert to L. Multiply by 1000 to convert to mL.

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