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An electric dipole comprised of two charges Q and -Q are separated by a distance of 3.0 cm. Assume Q = 2.0x10^-6 C and -Q = -2.0x10^-6 C.

Find the magnitude and direction of the electric field vector E and point P, which is 4.0 cm to the right of the center of -Q.

Find the value of the electric potential V and point P.

--To start, I know that E=k|q'|/r^2 but I am unsure of how to calculate the effect on P. I know for potential difference I calculate Vab = (k\d)(q1-q2)(1-(1/sqrrt of 2) which gave me 3.51x10^5 V, but I'm not sure if that's what they are asking me to calculate.

Any help is appreciated.

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