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how i describe 19th century? really olden days?

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    The 19th century was from 1801 to 1900. It was the time the industrial revolution flourished and many people emigrated from Europe to Canada and the United States.

    Do you have more specific questions about the 19th century?

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    thanks very much ms. sue :) i actually read story 'the yellow wallpaper'it be really wierd story also about mental illness and i have to write setting. one my friend say 19th century i not know what he mean by that. have u read story?

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    I haven't read this story, but I found it online and printed it. I'll read it in the next hour or two.

    In the meantime this site may help you.


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    thanks very much ms. sue :)

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    I've finished reading the story. The setting is a big old house in the 19th century.

    This site explains why the author wrote this story.


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    thanks very much ms. sue:)

    i not get what the weather be.

    the mood/atmosphere i have to tell what feeling be created in beginning of story. it be dark and gloomy?

    social conditions - what be daily life of character like? does story contain local colour(writing that focuses on speech, dress, mannerisms, customs, etc. of particular place)

    she be isolated? i not get the local colour part.

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    The weather seems to be sunny and warm -- it's summer.

    The description of the house in the beginning makes the setting seem dark and gloomy.

    I don't think there's much local color. I couldn't tell where this house was located -- Canada, U.S., or Europe.

    Yes, she's isolated. Her husband wouldn't let her go out. She's stuck in the ugly room and sometimes in the rest of the house or in the garden.

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    thanks very much ms. sue, what be point of view? i write it be human vs. self because character struggle with herself in her mind, she not know what be real and what be hallucination.

    i also need help with characters

    i not know who be round character in story and stock, i not think there be any. i write flat be jenny and dynamic be the narrator, and static be john.
    i try writing description i not know if they be right.

    jenny be flat because she keep to herself. character be dynamic because she undergo change. static be john because he not understand his wife.

    it also on next page say characterization

    character's name
    physical traits:

    personality traits. 1)2)3)

    i not get who this be talking about, i just write on any character?

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    The point of view is first person. The narrator is the mentally ill woman.

    I think you can write about any character. Ask your teacher about this.

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    thanks ms. sue sorry i meant the conflict be human vs. self. but it also be nature? husband?

    for plot diagram. i not get how i start introduction because that sort of be same as iniating action but for initiating action i have narrator feel uncomfortable in area her husban and she rent for summer. rising action same as conflict? rising action be that this wife wat to spend time writing and socializing, but her husband tell her she have to rest. the climax be that she take off wallpaper in room. denoument which come after climax be that her husband faint. resolution be that she carry on taking wallpaper off her room. i not get if conflict go after or before this what it be? also what be crisis? same like conflict?

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    if i do characterization on jenny what be her physical traits?

    her personality trait be that she be should taking care of housework. that be only personality trait i get of hers i not know if she be friendly because she not try to help narrator in any way.

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    I think this has two conflicts. One is man (woman) against him/herself. The other is the person against person (John vs. his wife).

    I agree with your plot diagram.

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    thanks very much ms. sue for introduction i just put they move to big house?

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    i just have that last question on characterization on jenny which be above.

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    I didn't find any physical description of Jenny.

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    thanks very much ms. sue :) i guess i do it on narrator.

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