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Two thin strings supported a 200g metre ruler 20cm and 30cm from both ends. Calculate the tension in each string.

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    Since the stick is 100 cm long, one string (with tension T1) is attached 30 cm from the center and the other (T2) is 20 cm away, on the other side of center.

    For a balance of the torque about the center, the string closest to center must have 1.5 times as much tension as the other. Total tension for both is
    T1 + T2 = M*g = 1.96 N
    Since T2 = 1.5*T1 ,
    2.5 T1 = 1.96 N
    T1 = 0.784 N
    T2 = 1.176 N

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    i dnt know

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