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Thank you very, very much Ms. Sue.
We left out just a few more LAST sentences, I'm really unsure of. I did some corrections myself. Can you please check them?

1) Big Brother is a symbol of open threat towards the enemy of the Party.
Better: he is a threat to the enemies of the Party.
2) The Thought Police control their citizens' lives.
3) He believes things that are not true, like two and two equals five.
He wants to change Oceania's situation (better the situation in Oceania) by joining the Brotherhood.
4) The Brotherhood is an anti-government organization led by Goldstein, who (not which?) wants to defeat Big Brother and the Party.
5) Winston also begins to feel emotions, which is not allowed by the Party. He understands that he is convicted (better sentenced ) to death. Both Julia and he (better himself) are captured...
6) Finally, his willingness (better strong-mindedness) is defeated by the tortures and by the sight of the rats, which are his worst fear in the world.
7) Winston is completely changed (better has been changed) from a rebel into one of the most loyal citizens.
Orwell started to live in a poor condition (?) to see how institutions for the poor worked.

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    1) Yes, the second one is better.

    3) Oceania's situation is better.

    4) who

    5) feel emotion (singular)
    sentenced to death
    Julia and he (not himself)

    6) strong-mindedness is better

    7) has been changed
    live in poverty

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