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I need your help to check these sentences, Writeacher. Thank you very much in advance.

1) Winston's face is ruddy for the low quality soap and blunt razor blades he uses.
2) His face is ruddy for the use of low ..(Which one is best?)
3) Everything seems colourless except for the posters of Big Brother, which are plastered everywhere.
4) The telescreen receives and transmits simultaneoulsy.
He wonders whether/if there have always been rows of dilapidated houses.
5) Rats are waiting to eat Winston.
O' Brien, that is a member of the party, admits that he wrote the large part of G.'s book.
6) He couldn't stand the humiliating corporal punishment to which Eaton's students were subjected to. (students at Eton).

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    Writeacher is on vacation for a week or so.

    1. is better. I'd substitute "because of" for "for."

    4. Either "whether" or "if" is ok.

    5. Use "who" instead of "that" in the first clause.

    6. Both are correct.

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