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having problem with this please help


  • math problem -

    I have a feeling there should be brackets somewhere
    the way it stands .... assuming ∛(3x)

    ∛(3x) = 3 - 5 - 7
    ∛(3x) = -9
    3x = -729
    x = -243

    If I take it just the way you typed it
    ∛3x + 5 + 7 = 3
    ∛3x = -9
    x = -9/∛3 = appr -6.24

    PLease let me know where the brackets should be

  • math problem -

    I believe it's

    there is NO solution for this question.
    da.guy1[at]yah oo

  • math problem -

    Of course there's a solution.

    ∛(3x+5) = -4
    3x+5 = (-4)^3 = -64
    3x = -69
    x = -23

    ∛(-69+5)+7 = ∛-64 + 7 = -4+7 = 3

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