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Alberto figures that the probability of his hockey team winning on saturday is 65%. Alvin figures that the probability of his basketball team winning on saturday is 70%. Assume that the events are independent and that the boys estimates of the probability are accurate
A. Find the probability that both teams will win on Saturday
B. Find the probability that both teams will lose on saterday
C. Find the probability that albertos team will win but alvins team will lose
D. Find the probability that albertos team will lose but alvins team will win

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    1. If the probability of the hockey team winning is 0.65, then the probability of the team losing is 1-0.65=0.35, by Kolmogorov's third axiom.
    2. The multiplication rule:
    The probability of two independent events happening is the product of the individual probabilities.

    A. Both teams will win:

    3. Since all possible outcomes are included in the four cases A,B,C, and D, their probabilities must add up to 1.0

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