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If two titrations were completed were completed: 1) the titration of HCl with Na(OH) 2)the titration of HCl with Ba(OH)2 (the concentrations of acid and base for both titrations are the same)

How would the titration curves of each solution be different?

I know what the titration curve of the first one looks like, but compared to the second one what would it be? How would the curves look different? Would the initial pH be higher/lower/same? Would the final pH be higher/lower/same?

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    Starting with HCl and titrating with Ba(OH)2, I don't think the curves would be that different. You are starting with HCl so the initial pH would be the same. Ba(OH)2 is a strong base, too, so the equivalence point will be the same. The pH after the equivalence point should look about the same since it's a strong base in excess. The only thing I can think of that would be a little different is that you are adding more hydroxide ions with each drop of Ba(OH)2 than with NaOH so the line connecting the starting point and the equivalence point would be shorter.

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    I looked on the web for one but couldn't find one i liked.

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