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I left out a few last things I need to prepare. Thank you.

1) Who is Caliban? How did Caliban behave towards Prospero when he first arrived on the island? Does he regret his behaviour now? What does he wish?
Caliban is the witch Sykorax’s son, a strange creature of brute intelligence.
2) (When Prospero arrived in the island, Caliban showed him all the features of the island, the freshwater springs, the saltwater pits, the barren places and the fertile ones. He curses himself for doing that. He wishes he could use all the magic spells of Sycorax against him and plague him with toads, beetles, and bats.)
3) He is the only subject Prospero has in his kingdom. He reminds Prospero that the island belongs to him because he inherited it from his mother, the witch Sykorax.
4) Prospero was his first king, and now he pens him up in that cave (he keeps him shut up like
a farm animal) and doesn't let him go anywhere else on the island.
5) What did Prospero and his daughter try to teach him? What did Caliban do to spoil their relationship? How do both Prospero and Miranda call him?
6) In what way is The Tempest different from Shakespeare’s previous plays? What is the most striking feature of the play?

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