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I have two questions that I really don't understand.

The first one is: A reaction proceeds with delta H=-10kJ/mol. The energy of activation of the uncatalyzed reaction is 150kJ/mol, whereas it is 100kJ/mol for the uncatalyzed reaction. How many times faster is the catalyzed reaction than the uncatalyzed reaction at 25 degrees C.

The second question is: At 30 degrees C, a reaction produces product at the rate of 0.613 mol/Lxh. If the activation energy is 88 kJ/mol, what will the reaction rate be at 45 degrees C.

I appreciate any help, thanks!

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    Use the Arrhenius equation for both problems.
    ln(k2/k1) = (Ea/R)(1/T1 - 1/T2)

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    I realize this, but I don't understand how to get k1 and k2 in the first question or the second.

    Also it only gives one temperature in the first question so would t1 and t2 be the same?

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    No the second one gives two T values, one at 30 the other at 45.

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    i figured out question 2, i don't understand question 1 at all still

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