6th Grade History

posted by running.from.myself

Who do you think was a more important leader, Julius Caesar or Augustus? Explain.

  1. running.from.myself

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Ms. Sue

    Julius Caesar conquered much of Europe and essentially founded the Roman Empire. Yet Augustus brought peace to the empire -- Pax Romana.

    Who do you think was the more important leader?

  3. running.from.myself

    I am not sure- they are both important. Probably Julius Caesar for conquering most of Europe and founding the Roman Empire. Augustus just brought peace to the empire, which was important, but he wouldn't have brought peace to the empire if Julius hadn't founded it.

  4. running.from.myself

    Julius Caesar is more important- right?

  5. Ms. Sue

    This question doesn't have a wrong or right answer. It's looking for your opinion.

  6. running.from.myself

    Oh, okay. I say Julius Caesar.

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