Grammar- Capitaliation

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Assistant dean Shirin Ahmadi recommended offering more language courses.

We went to the mark taper forum to see a production of angels in america.

Lydia's aunt and uncle make modular houses as beautiful as modernist works of art

We amused ourselves on the long flight by discussing how spring in kyoto stacks up against summer in london.

Kalindi has an ambitious semester, studying differential calculus, classical hebrew, brochure design and greek literature.

*sentence can be correct

  • Grammar- Capitaliation -

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

  • Grammar- Capitaliation -

    The first word is spelled grammar.
    The other word does not exist. Is it supposed to be
    capitalization, or capitulation?

    Some of the words that should be capitalized in your sentences include Mark Taper, Kyoto, London and Hebrew. See if you can find others. There are some.

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