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Write the dissociation reaction and the corresponding Ka equilibrium expression for each of the following acids in water. (Use the lowest possible coefficients. Include states-of-matter under SATP conditions in your answer. Omit water in your answer.)
(a) HC_2H_3O_2
(b) Co(H2O)_6 3+
(c) CH_3NH3 +1

please help, so confused. It first asks for the reaction and then the equilibrium for each...?

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    No reason to be confused.
    K = right side/left side
    coefficients become exponents.
    all are concns in moles/L.
    For example,
    CH3NH3^+ + HOH ==> CH3NH2 + H3O^+
    Ka for CH3NH3 = Kw/Kb for CH3NH2
    Ka = (H3O^+)(CH3NH2)/(CH3NH3^+)

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