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consonant patterns wr,kn,st,mb,gn

directions read each word and idenify the consonant pattern with the silent letter. on the lines,write two more words that have the same silent consonant pattern. underline the consonant pattern in each word you write.

1- write _______ _________

2-knight ________ __________

3-listen _______ _________

4-thumb ________ _________

5-gnaw _________ _________

directions add wr,kn,st,mb orgn to complete each word. use the definitions for help.

6-a ring of flowers or leaves twisted together ______eath

7-a round handle that you turn to let yourself in door_____ob

8-a skilled worker who fixes pipes,sinks,and so on plu_____er

9-to grind together ______ash

10- a plan with purple flowers and a prickly stalk and leaves thi_____le

11-to make a musical sound by blowing air through the lips whi___le

12-rough and twisted; bent out of shape ______arled

13-a tiny piece of bread or cake broken from a slice cru___

14-a fold on a surface that is usually flat ____inkle

15-to hit something with a closed fist ____ock

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    We'll be glad to comment on your answers.

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    1-write wrote written
    2-knight knob knit
    3-listen wrestler whistle
    4-thump comp plumber


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    i don't #5

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    5. gnu, gnash
    9. smash
    12. gnarled

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    i just wanted to know how did you do # 9 because in the word their no SM word is only wr,kn,st,mb,and gn their no word like SM so please check again and i make (#9 GNASH) i just want to which i did it right or not rest of all correct yes or no

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    Ms. Sue help me last night and then i write again something then nobody help me

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