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one mole of ideal gas is slowly heated at a constant pressure of 2.0 atm from 200 to 300k.Calculate
q,w,£GE,and£GH,allinjoules.AssumeCp=5 2 R

p =1 atm

n =2

Cp =(5/2)R

£GT =300-200 = 100 k

so Cv =Cp -R = (3/2)R

q =nCp£GT= 2(5/2)R*100 = 500R =500*8.314 =4157 j

£GE =nCv£GT= 2(3/2)R*100 = 300R =2494.2 j

£GH =nCp£GT =q =4157 j

it' that right??

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