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ms. sue sorry yesterday i ask question that not make sense but i be talking about the occasion question where rock say the bith word for second time it ask when be this second occasion? first occasion be daytime and second occasion be night time?

also i still not get the last scene in this story when wilf be talking with is wife.

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    The first time Rock referred to the "B i t c h of Belsen" was in the evening when he was talking with Wilf in their room. Wilf assumed that Rock meant his wife. The second time he used this phrase was just after his parents left.

    In the last scene, Wilf wished the hollyhocks and shed in his neighbor's garden were not there. When he told his wife he didn't remember the name of the flowers, he was trying to forget Rock.

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    thanks sooo much ms. sue :D

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    You're welcome Mohammad! :-)

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