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“..And you do not know what you got until it is gone, and you do not know what i s like to feel so low...” A quote written by Nick Jonas to express how he felt after being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13. Like him, 1 in every 400 adolescents has to deal with the emotional effects of being a diabetic teen such as the following.

Diabetic teens are twice more likely to suffer depression than others teens. This emotional issue is caused by the common thought that they will die young and they will not be able to achieve their goals. In addition, the query “Why did this happen to me ?” makes them feel their life is not worth living. As a result of all the fear,sadness, frustration and low self-esteem caused by the diagnostic of diabetes on a teen, many of them think of commiting suicide as an option to end with all those feelings. However, depression is not the only emotional effect that teens with diabetes may suffer.

While teenagers are learning to live with diabetes, they constantly have mood swings. Adolescents with diabetes are very sensitive, they can be laughing but immediately become very angry. Mood swings are not caused only by the fluctuating hormone levels characteristics of adolescente, glucose levels influence mood too. Sudden changes in blood-sugar levels affects the transporting of serotonin to the brain. Consequently, teenagers suffer violent mood swings. Due to this emotional instabiLity, another effect of diabetes on teens with this disease is negative attitude.

Another emotional effect on diabetic adolescents is negative attitude. Emotional instability makes them feel confused. On account of this confusion, most of them tend to think that everyone around them feels sorry for them. Thus, they do not want anyone’s pity. Therefore, young people with diabetes might become rebellious and agressive especially with their parents. Some times they defy them by not injecting their insuline nor checking their blood-sugar level or eating food they should not eat, such as candies and other high in carbohydrates food.

As we have seen,teenagers with diabetes might suffer from many emotional effects such as depression, violent mood swings and negative attitude. Nevertheless, after they learn to cope with this chronical disease and control it, these emotional issues will never slow teens down.

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