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Thank you very much, Writeacher. Can you check these descriptions of pictures I need to prepare for tomorrow, too.

1) Some workers are at a self-service restaurant (I think it is a sort of canteen in their own firm) and they are choosing their meals from a counter (what is called the place where dishes and food are displayed in a self-service buffet) and comparing their food.
2) The first woman on the right is probably holding a packet of crackers in her right hand and the other three colleagues are observing it and smiling.
The fact that workers can eat at their place of work is very useful (not correct) to motivate staff.
3) They don’t need to go back home for lunch or find a place outside the firm where to eat.
I think this work environment is the most motivating of the six depicted at p. 114.
4) Picture 2 shows a firm with a huge parking lot for its employees.
Picture 3 shows employees doing exercise in a gym. The gym is in the firm itself.
5) In the background I can see three employees walking on treadmills placed against a glass window.There are other tools on display (can you help me name them?: weightlifting, ??)

  • English -

    1. OK

    2. comma needed
    Change 'useful' to 'convenient'

    3. OK

    4. Change 'doing exercise' to 'exercising'
    ... in the firm's building itself.

    5. ... There are other pieces of equipment being used, including ellipticals, stationary bikes, and various weight machines.

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