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The density of helium is 0.179kgm3.A Baloon hs a capacity of 27m3 and a mas of 12.5kg whn empty.a)fnd the total mas of baloon n gas.b)if dnsity of air is 1.29 kgm3 wht mas of air is displacd by the baloon

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    Volume = 27 m^3
    density=0.179 kg m^-3
    mass of balloon = 12.5 kg
    Total mass of balloon and helium
    = 27*0.179+12.5
    = 17.3 kg
    mass of air displaced, neglecting the

    volume of the material of the balloon
    = 27 m^3 * 1.29 kg-m^-3
    = 34.8 kg

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