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graphic sources are sources of information such as maps charts illustractions,and captions.
graphic sources help us understand information in a text,or they can provide information on their own.

directions read the following chart. then answer the questions.

michael jordan fast facts

born - february 17,1963

height and weight - 6ft.6in.,215lbs.

college - university of north carolina

pro teams- chicago bulls,washington wizards

total points scored - 32,292

rebounds - 6,672

awards - six-time nba champion,five time nba most valuable player,two olympic gold medals for basketball

1- who is this chart about?

my son write this answer - this chart is about michael jordan.

2- why is the purpose of this chart.

my son write this answer - the purpose is to inform us.

3- why do you think an illustration of a high-top athletic shoe is included?

my son didn't this answer i need help in here #3 question if you help me then thank you very much and read rest of my son answer is correct or not then you can tell me which one is wrong then my son can fix that thank you

4 - list two facts about the subject found in the chart.

my son write the answer is - if found out that michael jordan is 6ft.6in, and 215lbs. also i found out that his total point score is 32,292.

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    3. Nike makes a line of athletic shoes named "Michael Jordan."

    Your son is right on the other questions.

  • 3 grade english -

    thank you very much ms. sue

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