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Please help for my test CALculus

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using the chain rule find the min and max points and their values of the composite function defined by z=x^2+y^2, x=sin(2t), y=cos(t)

This is what Ive got so far...
dz/dt= 2x*dx/dt+2y*dy/dt

I understand the steps of computing the max and min I just can't seem to solve this problem. Its on a test I have due tomorrow so please help!!

  • Please help for my test CALculus -

    You need to find dz/dt=0, so set
    4sin2tcos2t-2sintcost =0
    Expand using double-angle formulae:
    8cos(t)sin(t)(cos(t)^2-sin(t)^2)-2cos(t)sin(t) = 0
    Which gives
    t=0, t=π/2, t=π and t=3π/2
    when sin(t)=0 or cos(t)=0.
    This leaves us with:
    which can be reduced by the substitution
    to a quadratic equation equivalent to

    Now that leaves you to check each point as a maximum/minimum or inflection point using second derivatives.

  • Please help for my test CALculus -

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  • Please help for my test CALculus -

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  • Please help for my test CALculus -

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