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Testing a Theory
Write at least 300 words describing a time when you had to test a
theory. This theory may be something you have tested at work,
school, or even at home.
Answer the following questions in your summary:
• What type of informal research method did you use?
• How was your research method similar to research methods used by psychologists?
• If given another opportunity, what would you have done differently?

ok that is the asingment but i don't want someone to do my work all i need is to undrestand what i need to do because i am so lost i think it would help me to have a starting point and to understand what research method was all about is ther a way that you can help me to understad what to do? please

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    Think of a time you had to test a theory.

    Some children test the theory that their parents don't love them, so they run away from home.

    Some adolescents test the theory that getting good grades makes them unpopular so they don't study.

    Have you ever tested a similar theory? What did you do?

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    what would be the reserch method in your exsamples

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    i am still lost i don't understand what the reserch methods are can you give me a clue what that part is talking about?

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    I have the same question as the women above my was on using a cell phone to find out if your boyfriend was cheating on you and I got a f for a grade. I was testing my theory on finding use a cell phone catch someone cheating. I need figure out what the teacher want

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