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Cocaine is a non-electrolyte that has a molecular weight of 303.4 g/mole. How many grams must be dissolved in 25.0 mL of Chloroform (density = 1.484 g/mL) to raise its boiling point to 65.5 Celsius? The boiling point of pure Chloroform is 61.2 Celsius.
Kb Chloroform = 3.62 Celsius/m

Again I know to solve for m. But then I don't know how to find the boiling point of pure Chloroform or what steps to even take next/what numbers to plug in.

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    Why do you have a problem with the boiling point of pure CHCl3? The problem gives that to you as 61.2 C.

    Determine delta T, then
    delta T = Kb*m
    Solve for m

    m cocaine= moles cocaine/kg solvent
    You now know m cocaine, you know kg solvent, solve for moles cocaine.

    moles cocaine = grams cocaine/molar mass cocaine.
    Solve for grams.

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