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Please help me with M1 kinematics!

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A particle is travelling with velocity (4i+5j)m/s. It undergoes an acceleration of magnitude 2.5m/s^2 in a direction given by the vector (3i-4j). Find the velocity and displacement of the particle from its initial position after 4s.

  • Please help me with M1 kinematics! -

    In the direction of x
    u = 4i, a= 2.5(3/5)
    At t =4
    v = u+at
    v= 4 + 2.5 (3/5)4=4+6=10
    In the direction of y
    u = 5j, a= 2.5(-4/5)
    At t =4
    v = u+at
    v= 5 + 2.5 (-4/5)4=5-8=-3
    V = 10i-3j
    Now we have initial and final velocities
    r = 1/2(u +v)t
    r = 1/2(4i+5j+10i-3j)4
    r = 2(14i+2j)
    r = 18i+4j

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