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1. The purpose of American and European imperialism in the Pacific was mainly to gain
a. markets for manufactured products
b. coaling stations and naval bases
c. sources of raw materials
d. places for surplus populations
I'm not sure between A and C

8. Which country did NOT have a claim in Africa during the first period of European colonization (1900-1920)?
a. Germany
b. Belgium
c. Britain
d. United States

16. People who proposed complete democracy for Great Britain were called
a. anarchists
b. Tories
c. Charists
d. Conservatives


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    Also, what is a large self-sufficient farming estate called?


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    1 C
    2 D
    16 C (spelled Chartists)
    They achieved their goals of democratizing Parliament and universal male suffrage, but were never a successful political party

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    Self-sufficient farming estates are manors.

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