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For my slideshow I had wrote down - - Jake draws away from everyone. But corrected it to withdraw, so would that be like - -Jake withdraws away from everyone, or Jake withdraws from everyone?

I also wrote - - to act positive and move on, but she corrected me and said positively. So would that be - -to act positively and move on? Is there another way I could reword this because Animoto won't let me add more letters. I was thinking ... Be positive and move forward, not sure if that sounds good.

  • English - Ms. Sue -

    This is better: Jake withdraws from everyone.

    This is very good: Be positive and move forward.

  • English - Ms. Sue -

    Thanks a lot Ms. Sue =)

  • English - Ms. Sue -

    Actually Act positively and move forward also fits, does it make sense?

  • English - Ms. Sue -

    Yes, your last statement is also good and makes sense.

    You're welcome, Aaron.

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