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A detergent solution has a pH of 11.63 at 25°C. What is the hydroxide-ion [OH-] concentration?

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    pH + pOH = pKw = 14. Solve for pOH, then pOH = -log(OH^-).

    Solve for OH^-

    OR you can use
    pH = -log(H^+) and solve for )H^+), then
    (H^+)(OH^-) = Kw = 1E-14
    and solve for OH^-

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    Is this the correct way to set it up & solve for the problem?

    [OH-] = 10^-11.63
    [OH-] = 2.34E-12

    I wasn't sure if it was the same set up as it is for the hydronium ion.

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    No. The pH is 11.63, your set up calculates (H^+). I would do
    14-11.63 = 2.37 = pOH, then
    (OH^-) = 10^-2.37 = 4.27E-3.

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    Okay, thanks so much for your help!! :)

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