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Carpet plus installs carpet for $100 plus $8 per square yard of carpet. Carpet World charges $75 for installation and $10 per square yard of carpet. Find the number of square yards of carpet for which the cost including carpet and installation is the same.
Please help me solve this and show your work pleas and thank you.

  • Math -

    100+8x = 75+10x
    100-75 = 10x-8x
    25 = 2x
    /2 /2
    12.5 = x

    If you order 12.5 squares, the cost will be the same!!!

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    The cost will be the same so its 12.5

  • Math -

    One shuttle service charges $10 for pickup and $0.10 per mile .the other shuttle service has no pickup fee but charges $0.35 per mile .find the number of miles for which the cost of the shuttle services is the same

  • Math -

    12.5 yd squared

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