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How do you Convert from Moles to Liters? Man i hate not understanding test prep material!

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    You don't unless it's moles of a solvent.
    You could have 5 moles water and calculate the volume that would occupy if you knew the density.
    5 mols H2O x (18 gH2O/1 mol H2O) = grams H2O, then
    mass H2O = volume H2O x density H2O

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    My teacher told me something about 22.4 liters. do you know what she was talking about?

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    You betcha
    . That's one of the first numbers you memorize. 22.4 L is the volume occupied by a (1)(one) mole of a gas (technically an ideal gas) at STP (standard temperature and pressure).
    So if you have 2 moles of a gas at 1 atm and 273K, it will occupy 22.4 x 2 = 44.8 L. (1 atm and 273 K are standard P and T.)
    1 mole of H2 is 2 grams, 1 mole of He is 4 g, 1 mol of H2S is 34 g and each of those, since all of them are 1 mol, will occupty 22.4 L at STP.

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    Awesome thanx man! u r my vertual hero!

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    You must not have high standards. :-).

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    lol anyone who can help me in any way, that person is my hero! So are you a real doctor? just curious lol!!! :)

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    Not an M.D. Ph. D. in chemistry. Retired teacher.

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    oh thts awesome! Thank you so much for all the help tonight. You Rock Dr Bob!!! :)

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    But yes, that's a "real" doctor, too.

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    Yeah i got tht. I hope to make a difference in life some day like you are. Just not a teacher lol. i cnt handle bad kids. haha well ima let you get back to helping. Bye

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