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Chemistry(Please help)

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The common laboratory solvent diethyl ether (ether) is often used to purify substances dissolved in it. The vapor pressure of diethyl ether , CH3CH2OCH2CH3, is 463.57 mm Hg at 25oC.

In a laboratory experiment, students synthesized a new compound and found that when 27.18 grams of the compound were dissolved in 186.3 grams of diethyl ether, the vapor pressure of the solution was 449.85 mm Hg. The compound was also found to be nonvolatile and a non-electrolyte.

What is the molecular weight of this compound ?

diethyl ether = CH3CH2OCH2CH3 = 74.12 g/mol.

This is probably a simple question but there is so much information I do not know where to start.

  • Chemistry(Please help) -

    What about working on one problem at a time? I think you're getting them mixed up.

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