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In reverse osmosis, water flows out of a salt solution until the osmotic pressure of the solution equals the applied pressure. If a pressure of 47.0 bar is applied to seawater, what will be the final concentration of the seawater at 20 °C when reverse osmosis stops?

Assuming that seawater has a total ion concentration (a.k.a colligative molarity) of 1.10 Mc, calculate how many liters of seawater are needed to produce 64.8 L of fresh water at 20 °C with an applied pressure of 47.0 bar.

I got 28.26 for Mc....can someone confirm this answer and help me find the liters for the next part.

Please help.

  • DrBob222 -

    Can you help me please...I've noticed numerous people posting this question but no one is answering it.... :[ pleaseeeee and thank you!

  • CHEM -

    never mind!

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