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A compound containing only C, H, and O was extracted from the bark of the sassafras tree. The combustion of 36.3mg produced 98.6 of CO2 and 20.2mg of H2O. The molar mass of the compound was 162 g/mol. Determine its empirical and molecular formulas

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    Convert 98.6 mg CO2 to mg C.
    Convert 20.1 g H2O to mg H (not H2).
    Then mg C + mg H + mg O = 36.3 mg an solve for mg O (not O2).
    Now convert mg to moles of the three elements.
    moles = g/molar mass
    Find the ratio of the elements to each other with the smallest number being 1.00. The easy way to do that is to divide the smallest number by itself. That assures you of getting 1.00 for that element. Then divide all of the other numbers by the same small number.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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