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A man and a woman are walking across soft ground. The woman wears stilettos; each heel has a cross-sectional area of 0.95cm^2 (0.000095m^2) The man wears a flat shoe with a heel area of 110cm^2 (or 0.011m^2)
1. If the woman weighs 520 Newtons, how much pressure does she exerts on the ground beneath her?
p=f/a=520N/.000095m^2=5473684.211 N/m^2 Is this correct?

2. What would the man's weight need to be for him to exert an equal pressure? Don't know how to figure this one out?

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    check on part 1

    W/A = p
    W = .011 * 5473684
    = 60210 N
    Huge because the pressure from the stiletto was huge.

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