Chemistry chemical equilibrium

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1.25 mol of NOCl was placed in a 2.50 L reaction chamber at 427 celciciu degre . After equilibrium was reached, 1.1 mole of NOCl remained. Calculate the equilibrium constant Kc for the reaction

  • Chemistry chemical equilibrium -

    ............2NOCl ==> 2NO + Cl2

    From problem, 1.25-2x =1.1 mols
    Therefore, x = 0.075 mols
    Convert x, 2x, and 1.25 to moles/L. M = moles/2.5L.
    You now know (NO), (Cl2), and (NOCl).
    Substitute into the Kc expression for NOCl and solve for Kc.

  • Chemistry chemical equilibrium -


  • Chemistry chemical equilibrium -

    where did you get this question from ?

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