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displacement vectors of 5km north, 3km east, 2km south, and 3km west combine to a total displacement of?
3km north
13km west
2km south
I think 13km west

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    Hello, you can not add vectors by just looking at the numbers. Vectors have magnitude and direction. So, you can only add North and South together, and you can also add East and West vectors together.

    So, think about vectors on an x-y plane. X is positive in Quadrants 1 and 4, while it is negative in Q 2 and 3. Y is positive in Q 1 and 2 and negative in Q 3 and 4.

    So, 3 km East= +3 km and 3 km West= -3 km
    So, +3 -3= 0

    So, the West and East vector is crossed out. The vector is in either north or south direction.

    5 km North= + 5 km
    2 km South= -2 km
    + 5 -2 = +3 Km
    y is positive in the upper two quadrants, so your direction will be north.

    3 Km North

    Hope this helps!

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