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at 25C and 795 torr, carbon dioxide has a solubility of 0.0356 M in water. What is the solubility at 25 C and 2070 torr? ____ M

I know that at a given temperature, the solubility of a gas in a liquid is directly proportional to its pressure but how would that be set up in an equation..?

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    Hello, I think that this should help.

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    You are exactly right. You set it up this way.
    0.0356M x (2070 torr/795 torr) = ?

    If you want to do real scientifically, the equation is
    p = kc.
    We evaluate k = p/c and plug in the first set of conditions.
    k = 795/0.0356 = 22,331

    Then p = kc and solve for c
    c = p/k = 2070/22,331 = = ?
    You should obtain the same answer.

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    Thanks guys!

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