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How do I prepare 100mL of 10g/L HCl from concentrated HCl(37%HCl, density 1.19g/mL)
Is it 2.28mL of conc HCl dilute to 100mL with water?

Please show the calculation steps.

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    M 37% HCl is
    1.19 g/mL x 1000 mL x 0.37/36.46 = 12.08M

    M 10g/L is
    10/36.46 = 0.274 M

    Then use the dilution formula of
    My answers is 2.268 which rounds to 2.28 mL. I suspect the only difference is in what we used for the molar mass HCl

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    37% HCl is 0.37g/g
    to prepare 100mL of 10g/L HCl solution you need 1g of HCl
    then the volume of 37% HCl is
    1g/(0.37g/g x 1.19g/mL)=2.27mL

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    suppose you dissolve 10 grams of HCl gas in 250 ml of water initially at 25 C, what till the final temperature of the solution be?

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    is this refer to pharmacopia

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