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Chemistry please help

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Elemental mercury was first discovered when a mercury oxide was decomposed with heat, forming mercury metal and oxygen gas. When a 0.204-g sample of the mercury oxide is heated, 0.189 g of mercury metal remains.

a)what is mole ratio of mercury to oxygen in the sample?

would it be

0.204 g x mol Hg/200.59= 0.001

0.189 g x mol Hg/200.59= 9.422204497E^-4

am confused don't know how to solve further.


b) what will be the empirical formula for mercury oxide?

please help thnk :)

  • Chemistry please help -

    HgO ==> Hg + O2
    Remember the law of conservation of mass. The stuff on the right must add up to the stuff on the left.
    Your mol Hg is correct at 0.000942
    mol O2 = 0.015/32 = 0.000469
    Then 0.000942/0.000469 = 2.008 which rounds to 2Hg to 1 oxygen.

  • Chemistry please help -

    So the ratio of mercury to oxygen will be 2:1 and how can find the empirical formula please...thank you

  • Chemistry please help -

    The ratio of Hg to O2 is 2:1.
    The ratio of Hg to O(atom) is 1:1
    Formula is HgO.
    0.150/16 = 0.00094375
    ratio is 1:1 formula HgO.

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