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Can you check my work Please?

Let N(t) be the number of bacteria after t days. Then N(t) = Pa^t for some constants P and a. Measurements indicate that N(4) = 5600 and N(8) = 362, 000

1. Write down the formula for N(t) using the rounded values of a and P. (But remember to use the more precise stored values when you use the formula!)
2. Evaluate N(7), N(9), and N(11). (Give answers to the nearest bacterium.)

1. My formula: 86.6(2.84)^t (these are rounded values)

2. (Using non Rounded Values I got the following)
N(7) = 17667 N(9) = 1026452 N(11) = 8252755

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    I assume this is a continuation of the question from yesterday.

    for N(7) I got 127667 using memory-stored "exact" values of a and P
    Your values for N(9) and N(11) are correct

    looks like you just had a typo.

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    Yes, it was from yesterday, sorry if I should've just put this in that post. But thanks a bunch for checking my work.

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