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Can you Check my work please?

Let N(t) be the number of bacteria after t days. Then N(t) = Pa^t for some constants
P and a. Measurements indicate that N(4) = 5600 and N(8) = 362, 000.

b. Write down two equations for P and a, one when t = 4 and the other when t = 8.
c. Use these two equations to compute a and P. Round your values to three significant
digits, but be sure to store the more precise values for further calculations

My equations:
Pa^4 = 5600
Pa^8 = 362000

My rounded values:

Thank You For Checking

  • Math -

    Since you are probably using a calculator, do not round off a number if it is to be used again .

    Only round off final answers.

    I agree with your value of a = 2.84
    but a was really 2.835503062..
    make use of your memory of your calculator and use that number.
    that way I got 86.6298..
    which would round off to 86.6
    which is a significant difference from you 86.1

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