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For the reaction between nitrogen and oxygen to form nitric oxide, beginning with 0.067 mol of N2,
N2(g) + O2(g)= 2 NO(g)

a. how many moles of O2 are required to completely consume the N2?

b. how many moles of NO are obtained when the N2 is completely reacted?

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    You can convert from anything to anything by using the coefficient in the balanced equation.
    a. 0.067 mol N2 x (1 mol O2/1 mol N2) = ?
    b. 0.067 mol N2 x (2 mol NO/1 mol N2) = ?
    Note that the unit you don't want to keep cancels but the unit to which you wish to convert stays.

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    So the answers would be

    a. 0.067

    b. 0.134

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