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Algebra 2

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(x-4)^3/2 = -6

In the end I got .69, but that's wrong. Please help. I don't really understand.

My work.

x-4 = -6^2/3

  • Algebra 2 -

    Your equation has no solution

    If you look at the left side ....
    = [(x-4)^3 ] ^(1/2)
    = √(x-4)^3

    for all values of x < 4 , √(x-4)^3 will be undefined
    for all values of x ≥0, √(x-4)^3 will be positive,
    so the result can never be -6

    Try this online graphing program
    and in the first function line enter

    change the x-range from -5 to 5 TO 0 to 10
    do the same for the y-range

    You will see that your graph starts at (4,0) and rises continuously, no way will you ever get -6

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