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can someone explain how I would simplify (3a4 - 2a2 + 5a - 10)(2a4 + 4a2 + 5a - 2)? can anyone help? The #'s that come directly after a letter is the exponent.

I just need help understanding how to simplify problems like this...

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    6a^8 + 12a^6 + 15a^5 - 6a^4
    -4a^6 - 8a^4 - 10a^3 + 4a^2
    +10a^5 + 20a^3 + 25a^2 - 10a
    -20a^4 - 40a^2 - 50a + 20

    6a^8 + 8a^6 +25a^5 -34a^4 +10a^3 - 11a^2 - 60a + 20

    feel free to double-check my math, or using wolframaplha

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    no i need it to be shorter?.

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    Factor completely. 25a^2-64

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