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A test has 125 items. Each correct answer earns 1point and 65% is a passing grade. If you get 42 answers wrong will you pass? Show working

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    83 / 125 = 0.664 = 66.4%

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    The reason why I am confused is because 81.25 / 125=65%. Therefore it means you got 43.75 questions wrong. Since 42 is fewer questions wrong you should pass...

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    Right. As I showed above, 83 right is 66.4%

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    two charges of +2.6 micro c and -5.4 micro C experience an attractive force of 6.5 mN.what is separation between the charges?

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    You know that the toal number of questions is 125. You know that you got 42 wrong. SO you have to subtract 42 form 125, and you get 83. To find a percentage you devide the total number correct by the total number of questions. So you would devide 83 by 125 and you get 0.664. Move the decimal over two places (because there are two zeros in 100) and you get 66.4%, so yes he does pass.

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