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What is the antiderivative of the followring expression?
x^(-1/2) sin(2x^(-3/2))
After trying to figure out this problem, I have the suspicion that the antiderivative cannot be found using substition method, would this assumption be correct?

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    no idea

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    Please, if you don't have anything helpful to contribute, save both of us some time. Please, this problem is really getting to me and I don't want any jokes or non-serious answers, thank you.

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    ok im sorry :(

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    Thank you for the apology, no hard feelings!

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    I too have messed around with this a bit, and can't see to get anywhere
    Tried integration by parts, only got worse and worse.

    I sent it through the Wolfram integrator , and it came up with terrible looking answer containing complex numbers.

    What level is this?
    Are you sure there is no typo?

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