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Gymnast Clothing manufactures expensive hockey jerseys for sale to college bookstores in runs of up to 250. Its cost (in dollars) for a run of x hockey jerseys is
C(x) = 2500 + 10x + 0.2x2
Domain(0 ≤ x ≤ 250)

Gymnast Clothing sells the jerseys at $105 each. Find the revenue function. R(x)=105x

Find the profit function.
p(x)= -0.2x^2+95x-2500

How many should Gymnast Clothing manufacture to make a profit? HINT [See Example 2.] (Round your answer up to the nearest whole number.)

I can't get the correct # of jerseys. it has to be within the domain, but I keep getting numbers higher than it. I don't know what is wrong.

Thank you

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    I got 26, but it was wrong

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    It is 28 jerseys to obtain a profit

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