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1.9 mol HCl and 3.8 mol NaOH react according to the equation
HCl + NaOH −→ NaCl + H2O .
Calculate the amount in moles of NaCl
Answer in units of mol

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    This is limiting reagent problem.
    1.9 mol HCl can form 1.9 mol NaCl if it has all of the NaOH it needs (It will need 1.8 mol NaOH).
    3.8 mol NaOH can form 3.8 mol NaCl if it has all of the HCl needed(it would need, of course, 3.8 mol HCl. It doesn't have that much).
    Therefore, the 1.9 mol HCl will form 1.9 mol NaCl and it will use 1.9 mol NaOH in the process. There will be some NaOH remaining unreacted. 3.8-1.9 = 1.9 moll NaOH unreacted.

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